Lighting your venue


Creating the perfect venue atmosphere can play a big part in enjoying your wedding day. Peaks ProEvent Services has a variety of event lighting options to help you achieve your design goals:

Market Lighting

For outdoor receptions it's important to have enough lighting for your guests to see. Hanging market lighting above the dinner area or dance floor can make a huge difference functionally, while also adding a vintage bistro vibe to the reception area. Have trees at your venue? Wrap lights around the trunks for a classy glowing forest, this can also be done on walkways to direct your guests from area to area. If your reception area has a tent you can also use market lighting to spruce up the poles and ceiling area of the tent. For forest wedding and remote venues we can easily provide quiet generators to power everything.


Wireless LED uplighting

For an indoor setting uplights can add color and dimension to walls or wall features around the reception area, they are adjustable to any color and can be tuned to match your wedding colors or themes. Putting uplights on the struts between windows or on the sides of doorways is also a great option, and depending on the tone of the event the lights can easy be changed into a sound reactive mode during the dance portion of the evening and fill the room with changing colors.

Outdoor reception areas are where the wireless lighting really comes in handy. Uplighting can be places below trees, bushes, rocks, or any other natural features to create dimension and add color ,and with no cords and 8 hours of battery life it’s an option for even the most remote spots. Any outdoor fencing or walls can also be outfitted with uplighting, and if desired the lights can be programmed to gradually blend between colors as well.


Bliss Lighting

Believe it or not, you can actually achieve a starry night effect on the ceiling of indoor venues. Using laser technology, blisslights emanate thousands of small green dots in a random field, the dots are surrounded by a galaxy like blue aura of like that completes the starry sky effect. It’s a one of a kind addition to any venue and definitely gets people talking. When used outside it can produce the same effect on bushes or trees, and is another way to create interesting dimensions and a festive feel.


GOBO Lighting

For an upscale feel a GOBO monogram image is a great way to put your signature on an event. Custom GOBO plates are easy to manufacture with bride and groom names or event logos, the couples monogram can fill a primary wall or be shined down on the entryway area of a venue to welcome people with a bang. Imagine your names in the script of your choosing lighting up your dancefloor, or behind your head table, there are lots of possibilities and at an affordable cost.


Stenciled moving lights

The top of the line in venue lighting, these intelligent lights can work together to create a variety of moving shapes and colors on your venue ceiling or are the walls. Movement can be slow and roving, or faster with shapes changing intermittently. Great for any lively atmosphere or the chic nightclub feel, even one light will make a difference and groupings can truly transform your venue.