Bear Cole

Manager | Event Coordinator | DJ

Bear is the first point of contact for Peaks ProEvent Services.

He is the Manager, Head DJ, and Head Event Coordinator for Peaks ProEvent Services. Yes Bear is his real name. Bear Cole is a DJ with decades of experience. He was the DJ for most of his school dances including prom, and booked his first professional residence in Scottsdale Arizona in 1997. He has one simple goal: to make every event successful, and every wedding full of great memories.

His musical knowledge and expansive experience make him one of the Foremost Wedding DJs in the Southwest. Not to mention that he attends countless workshops, trainings, and conferences to make sure he can train his team to provide the best service possible to every event.

He thinks a calm and warm demeanor is the best way to keep your guests engaged, at ease, and having fun. He is not a fan of over the top wedding DJ antics. He wants to make you the star of the show, and spend his time making sure things run smoothly and people are enjoying themselves. Music makes people dance, not yelling into a microphone.

Bear has worked as an Audio Engineer, DJ, Producer, Touring Musician, Roadie, and Production Technician. He has a degree in Audio Recording from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences. This means he has worked around music and promotions his whole life for events of all sizes and scopes, and understands what it takes to make them successful. He also holds degrees in Web & Graphic Design and Development.

Bear has experience as a Resident DJ for countless clubs, bars, and venues. He has played music for clubs with over a 2,500 person capacity, and opened for national touring acts. He prefers to play small intimate venues, weddings, and events. Bear's number one goal as your record selector is to create a memorable atmosphere, where the music helps set the mood you envision.


Jason Moeller

Owner | DJ

Longtime DJ and Peaks ProEvent Services owner, Jason Moeller, started the company to unite personable, energetic and skilled DJ’s around a true commitment to consistent quality and service. His passion for people and commitment to quality has made Peaks ProEvent Services the place for premium entertainment.

Jason is a Flagstaff native and started DJing weddings at 17 years old, and has since expanded his passion for all things music to include his sister company, Peaks Audio Productions, serving professional and private events of all sizes.

Jason has the experience and personality to make your wedding or event truly one of a kind!


Colin Strang


Colin Strang currently studies Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University, and is originally from Venture California. When it comes to music, Colin has mastered the ability to deliver a wide variety of genres, and can adapt the the specific needs of your party. Colin has played music for numerous private parties and events, and frequently DJs at venues in downtown Flagstaff, most notably at the Orpheum Theatre and Greenroom Lounge. Performing at a variety of shows has helped Colin develop deft skills with his equipment, and his private events work has given him the tact and personality to match the spirit of any occasion. Colin will keep the mood upbeat and fun for your guests, and he'll have a great time doing it!


Steve Benning


Steve started DJing at 16, as soon as he got his first car and could lug his gear anywhere that would let him play. A few years later, Steve took his love of music to the radio. He had a very successful career for decades as an on-air personality and programmer. During this time Steve never stopped DJing weddings, corporate events and private parties. Along with donating his time to MC a multitude of charitable events. Steve says "Music has the power to bring us joy, make us cry, remember a moment or embed a new moment in our memory forever. And I love helping create that and it doesn't matter if it's for 3,000 people or 30 people."

Steve also has an extensive background in event planning and coordination to help ensure your event will run smoothly and exceed your expectations.


Trask Snow


Trask is a transplant from sunny Southern California. Originally here to attend NAU, Trask decided that he felt most at home when he was making people shake it on the dance floor. Trask derives his flavor from an ever-widening array of artists and blends a variety of music genres to fit any occasion. Besides his impeccable taste, his attention to detail and infectious attitude make Trask a welcome addition to the Peaks team!


Amber Tennyson

DJ | Assistant

Amber Tennyson is an attentive DJ that is excited to communicate details with clients in advance and during an event to make it spectacular! Amber started DJing for KJACK 107.1fm in Flagstaff, which sparked an interest to further her DJing career. She loves music and has been well rounded in her tastes for multiple kinds of genres. Throughout her life she has been involved in dance, choir, playing instruments and filmmaking, all requiring her knowledge of music. She is musically diverse and aims to create a fun positive environment for her clients.

Amber has traveled to multiple countries emerging herself in other cultures to become culturally diverse. Her willingness to learn has allowed for her to gain the knowledge needed to efficiently read a crowd. This means she knows when to pump the energy, and when to keep things chill.

Amber has a degree in Electric Media & Film with an emphasis on Producer & Executive, double minoring in Arabic and Business Management. The degree and minors have helped her learn how to properly manage any given scenario in the best positive way. Amber currently is in the process of furthering her knowledge by working to obtain a masters in Global Management in hopes to further diversify herself.


Kelley Nez


Ya'at'eeh, Hello my name is Kelley Nez and I am currently a DJ & DJ Assistant working my way up to be a Indigenous Goddess DJ. Growing up I helped my parents put on events and concerts for the Native American music scene and I've been hooked on every aspect of music and shows since then. My personal music variety ranges from Patsy Cline to Santigold, Al Green to Major Lazer. This means I can DJ for just about any type of occasion. On my down time I am a full time mother and a street medic. I look forward to helping make your event run smoothly and create lifetime memories.


Alex Messinger


I grew up in Phoenix, AZ and moved up north to attend NAU to study Business Marketing. As a child, my family had a very wide range of musical tastes. This has helped me acquire the love for all genres of music. My wide variety of musical tastes will help me to accommodate to any style of music you may want at your party or event. Outside of peaks, I try to mix every day at home and I also mix out at parties when I can. I believe the most important thing to do as a DJ is to prepare for your event beforehand with playlists of multiple genres and make sure to the best of your ability that people are having a great time. It is always an honor when the music I play makes someone’s night more enjoyable. I look forward to creating special memories for your Wedding or Special Event.